Things to tell a good venezuelan girl

Venezuelan slang the most unique in every of Latin The united states. Over the past lifetime, I have had the fresh new right from appointment and you will making friends which have a great lot of younger Venezuelans.

It certainly is a pleasure to meet up with folks from other cultures. While many parallels occur within this Latin-american regions in addition to their populace, slang terms and conditions are among the most notable distinctions you’ll be able to observe among Language speakers during the Central and you will South america.

One particular interested area about Venezuelan jargon terms isn’t really the newest terminology themselves, nevertheless the meaning tasked all of them, that is wholly book in order to Venezuela.

One example is the Venezuelan slang term bulto, that can can be acquired during the Guatemala, but have an alternative meaning. Continue reading to see the difference.

Often, a commonly used slang phrase in one nation was inappropriate during the a separate. The presence of such distress is famous and you will generally leads so you Hans forklaring can a laugh otherwise two and you may a straightforward time off forgiveness.

Now we are going to be looking at the most widely used Venezuelan jargon, so you can prepare for the next travel, otherwise amaze your brand new Venezuelan pal with many new terminology!


Bulto fundamentally form a bulk or a bundle out of one thing-so that as I mentioned, it word can be acquired from inside the Guatemala and you can deal in it this standard meaning. Also, it is always identify swelling and shocks. But not, whenever you are travelling Venezuela and you can somebody closes that share with your you forgot your bulto, they’ve been most surely perhaps not talking about people lumps otherwise bumps! Bulto getting Venezuelans setting “back pack,” therefore when you attend school, walking, or perhaps to a great sleepover, always remember for taking the bulto to you!

Pana the most famous Venezuelan jargon terms. Generally accustomed define family relations or friendship, pana is among the basic Venezuelan slang terminology you will understand should you ever check out the nation. You can say esos chicos young man mis panas otherwise esas chicas son mis panas (people men/girls are my buddies) to share your own gang of family relations. With regards to the perspective, pana can also describe someone who’s an acquaintance. Due to the fact a keen adjective, it is just as the term “cool” within the English.


That it term isn’t exclusively good Venezuelan slang phrase, but you will hear it truth be told there nonetheless. Guachiman relates to a good patrol otherwise defense guard. As the Latin America isn’t the trusted regarding cities, that have guards for the nearly every public organization is actually prevalent. I’ve seen of numerous visitors and you may folk shocked by armed guards from the entrances so you’re able to McDonalds, but due to the fact a local I’ve learned to help you song them out and you can even not any longer see all of them.

  • guachi = see
  • man = man


It’s been a while as I was to virtually any types of bonche. That it phrase describes every kinds of celebrations. Weddings, birthdays, proms, and you may poetry slams are common bonches. In other countries, which keyword frequently means crowds of people-sometimes even mobs-however in Venezuelan slang, bonche is actually kepted for jolly people and you can memories merely.


I’ll accept this package is especially funny. Dinosaurio is a type of noun that you may currently be acquainted which have. Translated as the “dinosaur,” dinosaurio will possess a totally additional definition when employed by an effective Venezuelan. Once we share the newest formal concept of the word, Venezuelans additionally use dinosaurio to explain inexpensive, penny-pinching individuals. What makes one to? Really, particular dinosaurs (especially the T-rex) have very short hands, meaning they can not stretch these to leave you money, or a good pat towards the direct actually. So all of the frugal members of Venezuela gets called dinosaurio will eventually, regardless if they do not deserve they.