0720 775 628 / 0707 215 211
Mwalimu House, Room 8, Garden Estate Road

0.23 acres Muthithi Road – Westlands



  • This is a prime redevelopment property situated in an established upmarket mixed use zone of Westlands, a suburb of Nairobi City.
  • The location boasts of highly developed infrastructure and abundant social amenities.
  • The property can be easily accessed from Nairobi City Central Business District via Muthithi road of from Waiyaki way.
  • The neighborhood is characterized by a mix of multi-storey office blocks, Apartments and old maisonettes or Bungalows mainly used for office purposes.
  • Developed in the immediate neighborhood are The Citadel building and TRV Office Plaza.
  • The multi-storey office blocks and apartments have been associated with potential high returns and low maintenance costs hence the preference by developers.
  • The property is ripe for redevelopment with a building which utilizes it optimally and is responsive to current market tastes and technological trends.
  • The highest and best use for the property currently is multi-storey block of Offices, high end Apartments or hotel.
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